Lucy d'Almeida    

Clarity of Mind

'Emotions are information, they are a GPS to our success in life. Are you listening?

I am an experienced Wellbeing Coach and the Founder of Clarity of Mind.  I use a range of holistic therapies in my coaching that I am passionate about and have trained in over the last decade.


I work with corporate organisations and individuals to help them become more self aware and develop their emotional intelligence. By doing this it allows people to become mindful of their emotions and identify what is holding them back in life and at work. 


I help people gain an understanding of how their emotions and beliefs are creating limiting patterns of behaviour. Once these restrictive behaviours are identified and shifted, they feel lighter and freer to move forward with their lives. The benefits of this not only helps individual relationships, but improves leaderships skills and team culture in the workplace.

Through a number of different holistic tools including mindfulness, meditation and breath work, I teach people to:

  • have a stronger sense of self

  • be calmer and at peace with their own thoughts

  • manage stress and anxiety

  • improve clarity of decision making

  • have more meaningful relationships at work and in life

  • improve their leadership skills (Emotional Leadership)

  • have a deeper sense of connection with others

  • feel stronger both physically and mentally

Overall my mission at Clarity of Mind is to empower people and develop their overall mental wellbeing so that they can live a happier and more fulfilled life. All my teachings encourage clarity, calm and connection with others.


Wellbeing Coach at Clarity of Mind



Launched Clarity of Mind www.clarityofmind.com.au


Certified Holistic Life Coach, and Mind-Body Practitioner, Mind Body Food Institute www.mindbodyfoodinstitute.com


Emotional Code Practitioner. www.discoverhealing.com


Meditation Teacher Training www.mindfulnessaustralia.com


Psychic Healing Certificate   www.soulofhealing.com.au


Powerliving Yoga Teacher Training www.powerliving.com.au


Baron Baptiste Yoga Teacher Training www.baptisteyoga.com


Curtain University, Perth

Bachelor of Commerce, Economics and Finance