'My environment and pressures have not changed but what I have learnt from Lucy is better self-awareness. That is, I am better at managing my capacity and ability to respond. For example, I was asked to facilitate a 1.5 hour session to our leadership team with only an hour’s notice. I used the box breathing technique for 5 minuntes before the start which helped me mentally prepare and made such a difference to how I presented – calmer and much more confident!'


Jodi Keall, The Treasury, Sydney, Australia

'Lucy is very good at what she does. She is very wise and in tune. She meets you where you are at and works with what you want to achieve. She encourages you to gently empower yourself, shedding the light on that you may have missed, and to take responsibility for yourself. She has great insight into the bigger picture. Lucy truly cares, knows what she is talking about and is good at it. I highly recommend Lucy.'

Pascale, Halifax, Canada

'Lucy  is a wonderful  coach.  She has has been able to introduce me to new techniques and tools to help me with my stress and anxiety.  Lucy is always present, calm, inquisitive and kind. Lucy is very real and honest and I really appreciate that quality in her.'



Lisa, Sydney

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