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The Corporate Wellbeing workshops offer bespoke programs that focuses on people's wellbeing. The workshops include teaching mindfulness techniques to develop self-awareness around peoples thoughts, values, beliefs and behaviours.  


Self-awareness together with life changing mindfulness techniques can bring about change for a calmer mind, clarity of thought, and connection with others. This will have an overall positive impact on the productivity of employees, the culture of the organisation and therefore the overall success of the business.


The Corporate Wellbeing workshops teach calm, clarity and connection:


Calm - Calming the mind by teaching tools and techniques to connect to the breath and the practice of mindfulness.  


Clarity - Mindfulness and meditation skills which will bring clarity of thought to people. The practice of connecting the breath has many proven benefits including;

Better decision making

Improved productivity

Clearer ideas and insights

Improved ability to manage pressures of daily life and difficult situations

More open to feedback

Increased energy

A solid foundation to grow from


Connection – The workshops will look at connection to others as a way to promote teamwork and improve productivity within the organisation. This will also encourage emotional leadership which has proven effective in managing people.

The Wellbeing workshops can be tailored to your employees needs and include topics such as:. 


Breath-work or meditation 

Self - awareness and reflection

Self – awareness; beliefs, needs and values

Personal goal setting 

Yoga for calm

Emotions as information

To book a tailored Corporate Wellbeing workshop or if you have any questions, please contact me.


The Personal Wellbeing coaching sessions offer a sacred space for people to connect to themselves and to detach from the day to day workings of their office and home life. It encourages people to become more self aware and therefore more mindful of their own thoughts and actions. It also helps people identify negative behaviours and how this can affect others.

It provides is a sacred space to explore how the individual is managing from a personal level and on an emotional level -  stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, inner conflict or team conflict.


The coaching session will explore an issue and create change around that issue, working through solutions from a holistic coaching perspective. Using a combination or breath work, mindfulness strategies and connection to self, they guide the person to feel calm, connected and have clarity on the steps moving forward.

To book a Personal Wellbeing coaching session or if you have any questions please contact me.


“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally.” 

Jon Kabat-Zinn (Professor at University of Massachusetts Medical School) 



These Wellbeing coaching sessions focus on mindfulness in sport. The ability to control attention is one of the key markers of a successful life. Practicing mindfulness regularly is associated with less negativity, greater sense of self-worth, physical wellbeing and mental balance, increased resilience, positivity, less chronic anxiety, depression and mental conditions.   

The follow outlines what mindfulness can do for team performance:

Ensures team members have collective self-awareness and empathy for each other which results in an improvement of the overall performance of a team.​


It makes the individual more aware of his/her own behaviour and inner thoughts so better decisions can be made during the game.

Greater emotional intelligence which leads to awareness and empathy towards teammates and therefore reduces conflict.


The ability to refocus in a game when the team is winning, to remain focussed on the present moment so not to lose the lead and therefore the game. 


Teaches the individual control, and the ability to choose positive thoughts over negative, therefore helping teams reset and refocus.  


Manage high pressure situations such as grand finals. 


To book a Wellbeing Sport coaching session or if you have any questions please contact me.

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