Wellbeing Workshop for

Clarity, Calm and Connection

The Wellbeing Workshop is a six week self-awareness course that teaches you strategies to get to know yourself and improve your connection with others. It encourages you to start creating your life, rather than reacting to it.  


Clarity - tools and techniques to connect to your breath and bring clarity of thought.

Calm -  strategies to calm your mind and re-program your patterns through self-awareness.

Connection - if we don't tune in to how we are feeling, how can we understand others?


Exercise is essential for our physical fitness. This course will teach you strategies for mental wellness.



The Wellbeing Workshops will:


  • Provide breathing techniques and meditation for stress, anxiety and a calm and clear mind 

  • Give you self-awareness techniques and strategies for when you feel overwhelmed

  • Introduce goal setting and manifesting techniques

  • Provide a review, reflection and needs analysis in different areas of your life

  • Teach you strategies for mental fitness 



This workshop can be tailored to your needs, run as a group or for individual purposes.


To book or if you have any questions please call me on 0408 927 108 or click below.


Wellbeing Workshop Outline

Week 1 – Introduction to meditation and the power of your breath

You will be introduced to different breathing techniques and meditation exercises.  Your breath is a powerful tool to use to connect with yourself in busy and stressful times.


Week 2 – Meditation and emotions as information

Learn how to use your emotions as a tool to navigate through life. Emotions are our GPS for navigating through life.  If we don't tune in to how we are feeling, how can we understand others?


Week 3 – Meditation and self care

We continue to practice our breathing techniques and look at what is ‘self care’ and how to implement it into our lives.


Week 4 – Meditation and relationships

This week we look at the relationships in our lives; family, work colleagues and friendships.  It is important to reflect and look at how our relationships are making us feel.  What could you do to make these realtionships better?

Week 5 - Meditation and goal setting 

This week we complete our meditation journey and review our strategies.  We will go through a powerful goal-setting technique.


What you will need:


  • Journal 

  • Pen